San Diego, CA - June 6, 2012 - Nasseo, Inc. received the 1st place prize of $57,000 in cash and legal services at the 6th Annual UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge Business Plan Competition, making it the first startup to win both the UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge Executive Summary and Business Plan Competitions in the same year.

The competition, which boasted a record number of applications in 2012, is UC San Diego's premier entrepreneurial event and aims to recognize inspiring startups. The event has been a turning point for a number of successful startup companies, namely; NeuroVigil, Biological Dynamics, Cognionics, Cypher Genomics, Lumedyne Technologies and The Nicholas Conor Cancer Institute, each of which won either the Business Plan or Executive Summary Entrepreneur Challenge competitions.

Nasseo's initial product, the Nasseo TiArray™ Dental Implant system, arose out of a need to address the failure rate of dental implants. Implant failures are not only inconvenient and time-consuming, but can be uncomfortable and expensive for patients to endure. Additionally, a number of individuals with poor circulatory and bone growth issues, are currently discouraged from receiving implants because a high rate of failures. Nasseo TiArray™ addresses bone-to-implant bonding at the molecular level by integrating the company's proprietary surface modification technology.

By creating a dental implant system, Nasseo hopes to create new treatment options for previously unreached patient populations.

Dr. Garrett Cale Smith (Co-Founder, CEO) says, "Nasseo's TiArray™ Dental Implant system is focused on two things: bringing smarter implant technology to market and reaching an untapped patient demographic in need of technological advancements. We are thrilled to be recognized by these esteemed judges in the business community, and it reaffirms our strategy to bring our technology to the patients who need it most."